The Coverage You Crave

The following is a small sampling of the top-tier press mentions flypaper PR has secured on behalf of its clients. For more information on any of these placements, or to get in touch with us, please visit the Contact page.



Swiss Miss

Boulon Blanc created the perfect table for small NYC apartments: It easily goes from coffee table to working or dining table in one easy move. Now available on Kickstarter.


Huff Post

Brookview House, a nonprofit that provides housing to homeless women and children as well as other special programs, is also home to a coding club for teen girls called “Girls Who Code.” 


Fast Company

Grove Labs, a Somerville, Massachusetts, startup, is set to release its Grove Ecosystem this November. 


Tech Crunch

Looklist has raised a small seed round to build out its “inspiration engine” for fashion and hair.


Apartment Therapy

Convertible tables have been a small space staple for decades, but what they offer in functionality, they often lack in style. Paris-based Boulon Blanc wants to change that with their new transformable table.



Rachel Moranis is the Creative Director and one of the founding members of BriefMe, the news ranking app that is changing they way people experience news by identifying the 10 most consumed and shared news articles of the moment.



BriefMe pushes stories to your iPhone based on what's most popular or most read at the moment. The 10 most shared articles are pulled together for you to read.



BriefMe, which launched an iPad and iPhone app early last month, said the wearable enables users to quickly scan headlines on the go, and then defer to a larger Apple device if they want to delve into a particular article.



I discovered a startup called Greycork: a furniture company that designs, manufactures, and sells its own furniture via its website.